Woman stabs heel through her foot while trying to flee giant spider


A woman has relived the moment she wound up in hospital after impaling her foot with a high heel while trying to flee a spider.

Alyssa Lambert needed surgery to remove the pointy shoe after suffering a freak accident as she tried to kill the creepy-crawly on January 24.

The 25-year-old described how she was initially “freaked out” when she spotted the large huntsman spider loitering on the ceiling of her bedroom in Sydney, Australia.

She quickly fetched some bug spray and stood on her bed before releasing the deadly substance on the arachnid.  

But in the process, she claimed the spider lurched in her direction – forcing her off the mattress and straight on top of a stray heel laying on the floor.  

She told the Daily Mail: “I freaked. I yelled out to my housemate and she called an ambulance. I was in pure shock and shaking – and then the pain started to settle in.”

Alyssa said she initially called on her flatmate to remove the 1.5 cm wide heel but was quickly rebuffed and opted to call an ambulance.

Paramedics secured her foot by wrapping it, before she was carted into an emergency service vehicle and rushed to hospital.”

Medical staff quickly took an X-ray and established that the heel had impaled her limb by 4.5cm and would require surgery.”

Alyssa said: “Everyone at the hospital was just so amazed that I managed to puncture my foot with a heel that thick.”

“They were like ‘well done, you’ve done a good job.’”

Given morphine for the pain, she underwent successful surgery to remove the footwear and was returned home on crutches.

The Sydney resident said she 'freaked' when she saw the huntsman spider.
The Sydney resident said she ‘freaked’ when she saw the huntsman spider.

Two weeks on, Alyssa now says she has been delighted by her fast recovery and has been told that she will be able to start walking again soon.

“When I got the news about recovery and how quick it was, I was almost in tears from happiness.

“I thought it was going to be a long journey,” she said.

Despite her ordeal, Alyssa says she has now been able to see the funny side of the unusual situation – confirming that the spider had succumbed to its injuries.

She added that the experience was even more ironic given that she works for the brand of shoe that pierced her foot.

X-ray footage confirmed that the heel was lodged 4.5 cm deep.
X-ray footage confirmed that the heel was lodged 4.5 cm deep.

“I am feeling better now and have been having a bit of a laugh,” she said.  

“It was a Camilla and Marc shoe and I work for the company. When I told work,  everyone thought it was classic.”

“If you’re going to go down, go down well.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.


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