When to plant sunflowers – key date for the best blooms


Plant directly into the ground

The RHS suggests that most sunflower varieties can in fact be planted directly into the soil if the weather is mild.

Choose a bright sunny spot with well-drained soil to bury your seeds, and be sure to weed the area thoroughly beforehand.

Rake the soil to a fine crumbly texture and make some holes around 12mm deep, with a 10cm gap between seeds.
Next, place the seeds into the drill holes and cover them with soil after a gentle watering.

Use a plastic bottle to act as an anti-slug and snail covering while the young seedlings grow.

As your sunflower begins to grow taller, it is crucial to use a cane and string to tie the stem loosely for a little extra support.

Watch your sunflowers grow and grow and grow until August when they will flower.


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