What to do with your daffodils once they've finished flowering – 'critical' steps to take


Daffodil season typically runs from February through until May, though this depends largely on the variety of daffodils you have. When flowering, these gorgeous spring flowers add a pop of yellow to your garden.

However, if you want your daffodils to return year after year, there are some key steps to take once your perennial blooms have wilted.

As soon as your flowers have died off, it is essential you remove them from the plant.

You will be able to tell when the correct time to deadhead your flowers are simply by looking at them.

Petals will shrivel and become papery, while losing their yellow shade, instead turning brown.

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If you remove any of this foliage too early, the bulbs can end up being stunted, which results in smaller or fewer flowers in the daffodil seasons to come.

According to GardeningKnowHow, this is also why daffodils should be planted in bright sun spots.

Daffodils can be planted in partial or full shade, but compared to their sunnier counterparts, they don’t produce the same big, healthy blooms you might hope for.

Instead, you should leave the foliage until it dies naturally.

This tends to be when it wilts and turns yellow – usually taking around six weeks from when the flowers die off.

How to care for a daffodil plant

To keep your daffodil flowers as healthy for as long as possible, you should make sure you water them generously.

Make sure the soil is moist while the flowers bloom in spring, but kept dry while the plants are dormant in summer.

You can fertilise your daffodils with a handful of bulb fertiliser or a general-purpose fertiliser as soon as you notice shoots appearing in the early spring.

Apply fertiliser to the ground around your plant, but try to keep it off the actual leaves.

Daffodils should be divided every three to five years.


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