Weight loss: Balance's ‘healthy, effective way to lose body fat’ without counting calories


One way to lose weight is to enter a calorie deficit; that means consuming fewer calories than your body burns. Sarah Campus, a highly qualified personal trainer, nutrition coach and founder of LDN MUMS FITNESS spoke to Express.co.uk about reducing body fat and how you can reach a calorie deficit without precisely counting every calorie you eat. 

Everyone looks for the easiest diet, which produces quick weight loss results.

Sarah, on the other hand, explained how “there is no ‘best diet’ to lose weight”. 

Instead, “the most important thing is balance, colour, variety, portion control and no restrictions”. 

Rather than focusing on certain foods that should and shouldn’t be consumed, and getting obsessed with calories, Sarah believes there are eight things to bear in mind if you want to see the number on the scale decrease.

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As for a calorie deficit, Sarah said it needs to be combined with daily exercise. 

 “One of the best ways to lose body fat in a healthy, effective and sustainable way is by combining consistent daily exercise with a calorie deficit,” the PT explained. 

“This means that you are expending more energy than you are taking in. 

“Steady aerobic exercise – such as brisk walking, light jogging, strength training – for at least 30 minutes most days of the week. 

About Sarah 

Sarah Campus is a highly qualified PT, nutrition coach and founder of LDN MUMS FITNESS. 

She specialises in pregnancy and postpartum diet, fitness, and wellness and offers private, group and on-demand training. 

Sarah is a mum of two boys under four and is currently pregnant with her third child. 

She welcomes new mums and mums to be to drop past her Instagram page @ldnmumsfitness for a chat with the LDN Mums community.


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