Trevor Bauer will not face criminal charges for alleged sexual assault


Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer will not face criminal charges in Los Angeles over allegations he punched and choked a woman unconscious during rough sex.

The news that he will not be charged was first reported by TMZ.

Last June, a woman sought a restraining order against Bauer over a sexual relationship that began in April.

Bauer’s attorney said the pitcher and the woman had “a brief and wholly consensual sexual relationship.”

The attorney claimed Bauer had text messages from the accuser “involving requests to be ‘choked out’ and slapped in the face” and that “the woman spent the night, and left without incident, continuing to message Mr. Bauer with friendly and flirtatious banter.”

Graphic photos were released by the accuser showing her with black eyes and bruises. Bauer claimed the photos were edited.

Trevor Bauer will not face charges in Los Angeles over rough sex allegations.
Trevor Bauer will not face charges in Los Angeles over sexual assault allegations.
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The 31-year-old, a star pitcher on the Dodgers who won the 2020 NL Cy Young award, was placed on MLB administrative leave in early July and did not play the rest of the season. While the legal matter appears to be adjudicated, MLB’s investigation into the incident will continue.

“MLB’s investigation is ongoing and we will comment further at the appropriate time,” the league said in a statement.

Bauer said in a YouTube video Tuesday that he had consensual, rough sex with the woman at his Pasadena home on two occasions and addressed the allegations at length.

“While this is not the time or the place to address every single lie or falsehood that this woman or her lawyers made to the court, I do want to be crystal clear about a few things,” Bauer said. “I never punched this woman in the face. I never punched her in the vagina. I never scratched her face. I never had anal sex with her or sodomized her in any way. I never assaulted her in any way at any time. While we did have consensual rough sex, the disturbing acts and conduct that she described simply did not occur.

Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer addressed the sexual assault allegations made against him in a YouTube video released on Tuesday.
YouTube/Trevor Bauer

“You may not be my biggest fan or agree with everything I’ve said over the years, and that’s OK – I’m not a perfect person. If you want to judge me for engaging in rough sex with a woman that I hardly knew, that’s OK too. In evaluating my life over recent months, it’s clear I’ve made some poor choices, particularly in regards to the people that I’ve chosen to associate with, but I am not the person that this woman, her lawyers, and certain members of the media have painted me to be.

“Allegations like this are extremely serious, and they should be thoroughly investigated, as has happened in this matter. However it’s alarming to watch how quickly, willingly, and knowingly certain members of the media have taken one side of a story and tried to convict me in the court of public opinion without having or choosing to report anywhere close to all of the facts.”

Bauer signed a three-year, $102 million contract with the Dodgers last offseason.


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