Toddler tragically dies after allegedly eating poisoned dog cookie


A 2-year-old girl in Mexico died tragically after ingesting a poisonous cookie meant to kill a dog, locals fear.

Heidy Valeria lived near Guadalajara in Tototlan, according to the Sun. The toddler was rushed to a local hospital after having two respiratory attacks allegedly caused by ingesting the poisonous cookie Feb. 1.

After two days of fighting for her life, Valeria died around the same time their family’s pet suffered a similar episode.

Although an official in the area, Epigmenio Carrillo said her cause of death remains unclear and is the subject of a police investigation, many Tototlan residents posted on Facebook with worry that Valeria was inadvertently poisoned.

“The truth is, the news has shocked the whole town,” ” a local said. “In fact, social media erupted when it became known what had happened.”

While the allegations of poisoning are unsubstantiated, Carrillo also said that a local
6 year old was hospitalized from intoxication of an unknown substance — but a connection between the two remains unclear.

The news of Valeria’s death spread fast and caught the attention of Mexican Arturo Islas Allende, an activist and influencer, who spoke on the girl’s behalf.

“We lost Valeria, we lost a 2-year-old girl, because of some unscrupulous characters who threw poisoned cookies in Tototlan, Jalisco. Those guys should be in jail,” he said.


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