This is the most horrific case of head lice these experts have ever seen


Head lice experts have shared a stomach-churning clip of the worst case they ever dealt with — with thousands of bugs in a little girl’s hair. 

The team, called The Lice Angels, uploaded a clip to TikTok sharing the horrific infestation. 

They filmed a girl, with long brown hair, sitting in a chair covered in plastic, while the experts wear plastic gloves for the process. 

They spray the girl’s hair and run a lice comb through it — showing hundreds of wriggling bugs caught in a single sweep. 

They captioned the clip: “Don’t look you might get sick. 

“Worst lice case ever.”

The Lice Angels added in the end they got rid of “thousands of bugs” from her hair. 

The team needed an industrial set-up for the job, slathering the girl’s hair with conditioner, while they had paper towels on hand and a bin to catch any bugs which fell.

The horrifying clip has racked up more than 30 million views, as people compared the kid’s hair to a ‘zoo’. 

One person said: “I’ll simply shave my hair if I had that.”

Another wrote: “That’s not hair anymore, that’s [a] zoo.”

The Lice Angels
The experts started off by slathering the girl’s hair with conditioner.

A third commented: “That’s like…WEEKS of knowing you got bugs in your hair???”

This person thought: “Omg that scalp turned into an entire ecosystem.” 

The Lice Angels
By the end of the treatment, the experts had removed “thousands of bugs” from the patient’s hair.

Another asked: “How do people let it get that bad tho?”


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