'This is dictatorship': Drivers savage 2030 petrol and diesel car ban plans – 'nonsense'


Express.co.uk have slammed plans to ban the sale of new fuel-powered vehicles by 2030, despite the Government’s goal to reach net zero emissions by 2050. The Government has also confirmed it will allow conventional hybrids, such as the Toyota Prius, to remain on sale until 2035, as long as they are capable of achieving the “significant” zero-emission distance.

One Express.co.uk reader, using the handle Jeremy1951, claimed: “This Easter there are millions of vehicles using our motorway networks to enjoy a staycation. 

“Now move forward eight years to Easter 2030 and if you thought 2020 was a nightmare on our roads, imagine our roads full of battery vehicles running out of power on our major motorways in 2030.

“It will be the biggest traffic jam in history as the UK will need hundreds of thousands of charging points all over the UK.

“Our politicians have made this arbitrary choice for its citizens without a political mandate and the most vulnerable and poorest in our society will never be able to afford an electric vehicle.”

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Another reader, AliBee, commented on the decision to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, saying: “This is dictatorship. Where’s the freedom of choice, please?”

A third reader, under the nickname Sir Realist, questioned whether the ban would remain in place before the end of the decade.

They said: “Still eight years away and it’ll probably be pushed back as people simply won’t be able to afford a new EV.

“Also, might as well just buy a second-hand used car, better value as the prices will start to drop further.

“Petrol and diesel will be around for a long while yet, and even if they do ban them in 2030, it’s only new ones.

“So you will still be able to drive around your ICE car for a long while yet.

“On top of that, you have the classic car industry that employs thousands of people and generates millions of pounds in business.”

This was a commonly held opinion from many of the readers, with another user, Bill Klinton, saying it was not properly thought out.

They claimed: “Nonsense. Petrol and diesel cars will still be on the roads in 50 years time. 

“The Government hasn’t thought this through and until electric cars have a range of say 300 miles, they are not worth consideration.”

However, one reader, Boroughbloke, stated there were already plenty of electric options which had the desired range on the market.

They commented: “Some electric cars already have that range. In fact, there are electric cars out there with a 700 mile range.

“We will not mention the fact that an average UK driver does no more than 142 miles in a week and that 95 percent do less than 200?

“Lastly, good luck finding a petrol station in 50 years time.”


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