The UK village where residents must follow strict rules and landlords ‘measure the grass’


“I’d pay triple the rate of rent to the Trust just to live here,” he said.

The resident said the Trust ensures the “quality” of the village is maintained.

Liz Quiney said the rules, planning and Design Guide ensure the area is “unique”.

She said those who disagree with the rules can “leave”.

Michael Walker said people living under the Trust “knew what they were signing up for”.

Luke Richardson said the rules “maintain standards” which is why the area is so sought-after and houses sell “within a week”.

However, some residents aren’t as positive about the Trust’s rules.

Resident Fred Allen-Darkes said living in Bournville “isn’t all it’s cracked up to be”.

He said some of the homes are not well-maintained with old windows.

The windows in his own home are nearly 130-years-old and are meant to have been replaced.

He claimed the Trust is meant to be “eco-conscious”, however, his property’s original timber single-glazed windows have meant he is “heating the street” each winter with his energy bills.

Ms Allen-Darkes, who has lived in the village for 10 years, claimed the Trust “sweats” over the design rules while ignoring other issues.


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