The Queen’s ‘must-have’ plants for every royal garden – ‘adds colour and excitement’


Daffodils have long, slender leaves and stems, so if you’re planting some, keep in mind they can be taller than other varieties. 

You can also grow them in pots or inside to bring a bright bouquet of spring-fresh flowers into your home. 

Miniature varieties are ideal for growing indoors – they’re charming planted close together in a pot. 

It’s no secret the Queen’s love of roses, as they are featured throughout all six of her private gardens, including beds of 3,500 rose bushes planted in a geometric pattern at Windsor Castle.

According to the Royal Collection Trust, some of the sweetly fragranced roses were picked and used in table decorations at banquets.

Sophie explained: “While at Buckingham Palace, there are 60 rose bushes that grow in each of the 25 beds, and each bed contains a different variety of rose, chosen for its fragrance, colour and disease resistance. 

“However, it is red and pink roses that appear in all of Her Majesty’s gardens, as opposed to orange, white and yellow, which feature in 83.33 percent of gardens.”


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