The 'post-lunch slump' is a thing of the past – as productivity now dips as early as 11am


Nearly half of those who feel unproductive are losing an hour or more a day due to low energy levels – that’s more than six working weeks lost due to sluggishness per year.

And with 46 percent struggling with productivity during work hours, this could cost businesses £3,500 a year per employee.

For the average size SME, this adds up to almost £438,000 annually.

Low energy levels are cited as the primary cause of unproductivity, with two-thirds struggling to get through the day.

But many are baffled about how to improve energy levels – with just a quarter aware of the positive impact diet can have, despite food being a primary energy source.

TV star and fitness fanatic Mark Wright, spokesman for California Almonds, which commissioned the research, said: “Between training, work, and spending time with family, my days are always so busy, so I have to make sure I’m as productive as possible to fit it all in.

“A productive morning is essential for me to get everything done, so choosing the right fuel at breakfast is vital and sets me up for the day.”

The study also found that 43 percent struggle with productivity in the morning – but two-thirds don’t believe a balanced breakfast fuels them first thing in the day.

And six in ten never choose food with energy in mind.

Nearly two-thirds (60 percent) opt for quick boosts like toast and coffee, which provide a short-term energy kick, but can also contribute to the 11am slump.

And with one in five Brits finding themselves extra productive at 10am, prioritising slow-release energy foods, such as wholegrains or nuts like almonds, can improve productivity.

Mark Wright added: “I love opting for almonds to provide energy for my day as they contain protein, fibre and healthy fats, all of which deliver a slow-release energy.

“What’s great is that a handful (30g) can help keep you going strong, so even if I’m rushing out the house, they’re perfect for an on-the-go snack.”


  1. Plan like a pro: Knowing you’ve got a long list of things to get through can be daunting and make it hard to motivate yourself to get things done. Planning can give you extra time and energy to focus on your day and make it count.
  2. Boost your breakfast: We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s crucial for energy levels – yet one in ten of us don’t eat breakfast. Choosing foods that provide slow-release energy, such as almonds and oats, can set you up for the day, and research shows almonds in the morning can help you feel fuller for longer.
  3. Exercise for energy: Exercise can both boost your energy and get you outside in the sunshine, which 43 percent of us feel positively impacts energy levels. Finding something you love, whether it’s cycling, swimming or tennis, can be a great motivator to provide you with that “get up and go” attitude to help tick off your to-dos. I personally love to start the day with a run or gym session.
  4. The beauty of balance: There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a slice of cake, a cheeky pint, or treating yourself to a takeaway – but make sure not to overdo it, as it can make you feel sluggish. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do need to fuel your body with enough of what it needs.


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