The most popular used car brands in the UK named – from Ford to BMW


The study, conducted by the selling site, analysed search data for all car brands in the UK to see which one is most popular when it comes to buying a used car. The figures revealed that German cars were the most desirable.

According to the data, German makes were overwhelmingly the most desirable.

However, among many luxury brands, the list also included some family favourites.

Figures showed that the BMWs were the top brand for used cars, with over 78,800 searches every month.

The most popular model of used BMW was the 1 series, with over 12,000 searches for the model alone.

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“It’s also interesting to see the dominance of German brands, with them making up five places on the list.”

See the full list below:

1. BMW: 78,800 searches, BMW 1 Series

2. Audi: 59,000 searches, Audi A1

3. Mercedes: 50,000 searches, Mercedes A-Class

4. Ford: 21,800 searches, Ford Fiesta

5. Mini: 17,300 searches, Mini Cooper

6. Volvo: 15,900 searches, Volvo XC40

7. Porsche: 14,300 searches, Porsche Cayenne

8. Kia: 14,100 searches, Kia Sportage

9. Toyota: 13,900 searches, Toyota Yaris

10. Land Rover: 12,000 searches, Land Rover Discovery


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