Tesco & Aldi warns shoppers to give fruit and veg 'extra wash' due to desert dust in packs


Tesco and Aldi are warning their customers to wash their groceries before eating them. It comes as dust from a Saharan desert dust cloud has settled on some of the fruits and vegetables sold in their stores.

Tesco posted a notice on its website urging customers to take action before eating its produce. 

It said: “Wash your fruit and veg. 

“Due to the recent winds from the Sahara Desert, a small amount of dust has settled on our Spanish crops. 

“Please ensure you wash your fruit and veg products before enjoying. 

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It comes as the cost of living crisis is set to get worse this month as even-higher energy prices begin. 

Aldi, on the other hand, are committed to bringing low prices to their everyday essential items. 

Aldi’s Managing Director of buying Julie Ashfield shared several ways a shopper can reduce the price of their trolley. 

From red sticker items, to Super 6 fruit and vegetables every two weeks, alongside six fresh meat products on offer every fortnight. 


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