Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry urges fans to ‘tell others to f**k off’ after accusing Briana DeJesus of ‘f**king’ ex Chris Lopez

TEEN Mom star Kailyn Lowry posted a message urging fans to ‘tell others to f**k off’ after accusing Briana DeJesus of ‘f**king’ baby daddy Chris Lopez during a visit to Miami.

The MTV star, 29, didn’t include any additional context in the post, so it’s unclear whether it was about her feud with Briana or not.

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Kailyn Lowry posted a message about being able to ‘tell others to f**k off’[/caption]

The post comes amid drama with Briana DeJesus and Kail’s baby daddy Chris Lopez

Kailyn shared the post via her Instagram Story. It read: “You can be a kind person with a good heart and still tell people to f**k off when needed.”

Kail recently accused her MTV costar of ‘f**king’ Chris, whom she shares sons Lux and Creed with.

She made the claim in the midst of a defamation suit against Briana, which Chris is also involved in.

Briana hit back at the allegations, telling Us Weekly in a statement: “No, I didn’t.”

Kail made the claim on her Instagram Story, responding to a question from a fan.

Briana was also previously romantically linked to Javi Marroquin, another ex of Kail’s with whom she shares a child.


The drama between herself and Briana isn’t the only strife in Kail’s life at the moment, however.

She recently hit back at critics online who accused her of “blackfishing,” or darkening her skin.

The accusations came after she posted a photo online of herself freshly made up.

Her skin appeared significantly more tan than it typically does, which some fans seemed to believe was by design.

Kail addressed the hate via her Instagram Story — the same place she posted the photo.

In a video, she spoke directly to fans, saying: “I’m here to tell you guys that this is the exact same makeup that I posted this morning,” showing off her much lighter look.

“It was done this morning, I had a filter on it and it’s TV makeup,” she explained.

“I posted a reel from Baby Mamas No Drama earlier today and that had my regular everyday makeup and it literally looks like I have no makeup on.

“this is TV makeup and it’s so you don’t look washed out.

“So, between that and the filter, I promise you guys, I’m not trying to be something I’m not. It was just the makeup plus the filter.

“So, I don’t know if you want to like grow up.”

The selfie Kail referenced was posted on her Instagram story and then shared to Reddit, where users accused her of darkening her skin and some called her “orange.”

One Reddit poster wrote: “Why does she look like me in high school when I’d cover my entire face with the cover girl loose powder bronzer?”

Another commented: “If you’re from Delaware, why are you orange?” in a nod to the film Mean Girls.

A third wrote: “so she’s really going for this blackfishing thing now. please no.”

One supporter chimed in: “I think she looks pretty.”


In June, Kail sued Briana for defamation after accusing her co-star of having “asserted that Kailyn physically beat Christopher Lopez, the father of two of Lowry’s sons, and broke into and entered the home of Mr. Lopez’s mother.”

The sun can exclusively confirm that the two are due to face off in court in January, according to court papers.

The hearing will center around Briana’s anti-SLAPP motion, which protects a person’s freedom of speech. She filed it in August.

Kail was excluded from a June episode of Teen Mom 2. Briana claimed at the time that it was because she allegedly “committed violent, physical crimes towards Mr. Lopez.

“Defendant also asserted that Lowry was arrested for breaking and entering into the home of Mr. Lopez’s mother.”

Kail denied that she did that.

She sued Briana for $30,000, reasonable costs, and attorneys’ fees. She also sought a jury trial.

Chris was dragged into the drama after he was served a subpoena, as The Sun previously reported.


Kail recently claimed Briana ‘f**ked’ Chris during a trip to Miami[/caption]

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Chris is caught in the middle of a court battle between Kail and Briana[/caption]


Kail shares two of her four sons with Chris[/caption]

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