Team Biden is harming care and other commentary


Doctor: Team Biden Is Harming Care

“The Biden administration seems to think it knows better than physicians how to practice medicine,” snarks Joel Zinberg at The Wall Street Journal. “But its haphazard micromanagement of monoclonal antibodies to treat COVID-19 has created supply shortages, spread confusion, probably harmed patients and undermined future treatment.” The feds first distributed these treatments to hospitals, then “allowed facilities to order doses directly” but backtracked in September and “reasserted federal control.” These “dizzying turns” show “just how little” Team Biden “trusts physicians and local health officials” — though they’re “more likely than Washington bureaucrats” to know what treatments are effective against the variants in their region. “Regulating the practice of medicine is outside” the Food and Drug Administration’s “congressionally authorized authority — the statute explicitly prohibits it.” The feds’ “micromanagement” of “safe and effective” treatments “has to stop.”

Liberal: Four Steps To Save Dems

“If history is a guide,” Al From writes at the Talbot Spy, “this fall’s midterm election” will yield a GOP Senate and House. To stop a red wave, President Biden needs “to reverse his declining approval ratings” by “reining in his party’s progressive wing.” Four ideas: adopting “a simplified strategy for living with COVID,” axing the “Build Back Better bill to show [Biden]’s serious about fighting inflation,” launching “a new anti-crime initiative” and “pushing a new initiative to safeguard democratic elections.” Beware: The “2021 elections were bleak for Democrats — and polls tell us that’s not likely to change this year.” These steps “give Democrats a fighting chance in November.”

Libertarian: Educators, Drop This Dribble

Another educational list of supposed “characteristics of White Supremacy Culture” just made the news, leading Reason’s Robby Soave to thunder, Stop! The “cringeworthy” work of anti-racist “experts” Tema Okun and Judith Katz targets “wanting things to be written down, perfectionism” and even “timeliness” — yet “there is nothing that connects them to whiteness.” And “it would be wrong — and, again, racist — to teach kids of color that if they work hard and plan for their futures, they are betraying their heritage.” Somehow, this “straightforwardly ridiculous . . . work shows up all over the place,” including “on the website for the National Museum of African American History and Culture.” To calm fury over critical race theory, “educators should really stop using this framework when they discuss racism.”

From the left: End Congress’ Stock Trading

“As a frightening new virus began spreading around the world in early 2020, a few lawmakers made some very well-timed stock trades,” notes The Los Angeles Times’ Editorial Board. “All of this was before the coronavirus upended normal life in the U.S.,” but after senators were privately briefed on the emerging virus in late January. “The prospect that public officials might have personally benefited from their access to sensitive information about COVID-19” has brought bipartisan calls to ban members of Congress from trading; “We agree.” It could “build trust that they are working in the public interest and have no financial motive when they vote on legislation.”

Reporter: Hispanic Women Lead Shift to GOP

Hispanic women in South Texas have led in getting Latinos to “question” their loyalty to Democrats and weren’t surprised by Donald Trump’s “significant” 2020 gains in their counties, reports Sabrina Rodriguez at Politico. These women head the local Republican Party in four southernmost border counties; a half-dozen are running for Congress. They back border security, oppose abortion and feel Dems are villainizing their husbands in law enforcement and the Border Patrol. They worry about Democrats’ hostility to the oil and gas industry, which provides good jobs, and about the left’s disregard for family values. “Nationally, some of Trump’s largest shifts in approval ratings were among Hispanic women.” And national GOP groups are “making investments to build” on their work.

— Compiled by The Post Editorial Board


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