Supplements: The popular pill shown to increase prostate cancer risk by a whopping 163%


In another study published in BMJ, cancer risk with folic acid supplementation was further analysed.

Meta-analyses of six randomised controlled trials reporting prostate cancer incidence for the men receiving folic acid compared to controls.

“No significant difference in cancer incidence was shown between groups receiving folic acid and placebo/control group, for any other cancer type,” noted the study.

It concluded: A meta-analysis of 10 RCTs showed a borderline significant increase in frequency of overall cancer in the folic acid group compared to controls.

“Prostate cancer was the only cancer type found to be increased after folic acid supplementation.

“Prospective studies of cancer development in populations where food is fortified with folic acid could indicate whether fortification similar to supplementation moderately increases prostate cancer risk.”


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