Simple shower cleaning routine 'breaks down any hard water stains' on glass door


A cleaning expert has detailed a household favourite she uses to leave her shower sparkling, tackling hard to remove grime in the bathroom.

We clean ourselves in the shower, but it’s part of the home that gets dirty so quickly. Glass shower door screens show the dirt perhaps more than any other area in the home.

Various different forms of dirt appear on the screen.

Soap scum is one, which can be taxing to get rid of. Soap scum is a white of grey layer, that appears filmy, usually found on bathroom surfaces.

It happens when soap is used in hard water. Soap water combines with the calcium and magnesium particles in the hard water.

Soap scam builds up over time and can be very tricky to remove, similar to limescale, which it is often confused with.

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The mum said: “For a dirty shower door I will always use a non-scratch sponge and liquid Bar Keepers Friend, a product I love.”

Bar Keepers Friend is a cleaner made with oxalic acid.

It’s an everyday cleaning, which was manufactured in 1882 in Indianapolis.

Hailey makes a paste with the cleaner, which comes in powder form and liquid form.

She said: “The Bar Keepers Friend breaks down any hard water stains.”

Another cleaner has told readers to use a white vinegar spray after every single shower to “keep on top of shower doors”. 

Cleaner Sam posts her expertise on her Instagram account @cleaning_at_44. 

White vinegar is great for cleaning because of its acidic qualities.

This acid helps the substance breakdown down soap scum and the minerals found in hard water.


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