Rose care: Deadhead roses at a specific 'angle' to avoid the plant 'rotting'


With the weather remaining hot and dry, some flowers in the garden may be starting to look a bit brown and shrivelled. One plant in particular that can look unattractive once they’ve finished flowering is roses. Rather than leaving the flowerheads on the bush, it’s best to remove them.

At Holland Park in London, Homebase spoke to gardener Steve Redmond about how to deadhead rose bushes.

The gardening expert said the process of deadheading should help roses “stay strong, healthy and flowering well”.

Deadheading involves removing bad flowers to encourage new ones to grow.

Without deadheading, the dead flowers will form seeds which suppresses further flowering and uses the plant’s energy and nutrients.

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They’re also not keen on strong wind as this can cause them to grow unevenly.

Modern rose bushes include varieties such as Lady Marmalade, Tickled Pink, Amber Queen and Easy Going.

Shrub roses and modern bush roses are different.

Shrub roses are a larger, more diverse group of roses while modern bush roses can repeat flower and have thornier stems, often with scented flowers.


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