Ronnie O’Sullivan act rubbished by snooker legend Jimmy White – 'I'm not buying it'


Snooker legend Jimmy White has rubbished Ronnie O’Sullivan’s laid back interview following the opening session of his World Championship semi-final with John Higgins. Following Thursday’s action, O’Sullivan mentioned that he ‘doesn’t care’ and ‘doesn’t give a monkeys’ if he wins.

The Rocket currently finds himself locked on four frames apiece with long-time rival Higgins, and despite the clash being a close and nervy affair, the same couldn’t be said for his post-session interview. Afterwards O’Sullivan told Eurosport: “I don’t actually care to be honest with you, I’m just here to enjoy myself.

“If I get beat 17-4 I’m just going to have fun, enjoy it. That’s my motto. Life has to be good, life has to be fun. It’s just a game of snooker. I’m really delighted to be here.” He went on: “I don’t give a monkeys, in the last seven years, in a nice way. 

“I’m just here to play and have fun like when I was a 10-year-old. I can get over it. There’s so much good stuff going on, it’s a little dent, whereas before it would be a write-off and the car would be at the menders for six months. Now it’s a little polished, we move on. Life’s great, life’s fantastic.”

It remains unknown as to whether O’Sullivan’s relaxed approach is just a front or not, however fellow snooker star White is less than convinced by his comments. Speaking during his punditry role on Eurosport he said: “That’s not the truth. He is trying his heart out…

“He would love to equal Hendry’s record and beat it in the next few years, so I don’t buy into that. He said after the second match he has a good team around him and is seeing Steve Peters, so he is trying to win the competition.”


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