Queen’s Prince Albert brooch worth £9m was worn by five generations – ‘quite beautiful’


Although not the most expensive brooch in the collection, the Queen’s Prince Albert brooch stands out because of the meaning behind it. It is also a beautiful brooch in a stunning colour.

The Queen is rarely seen without a brooch on her lapel, usually worn to complement her strikingly bright outfits.

But Her Majesty’s brooches are more than just pieces of jewellery: many have deeper meanings that reveal significant aspects of the Queen’s life.

Charlotte White, Head of Design at 77 Diamonds, commented on the Queen’s collection, saying: “The Queen’s spectacular and extensive collection of brooches spans world-record breaking, historical and sentimental pieces.

“There are several priceless brooches owned by the Queen that are steeped in history and you could say these jewels attest to the sheer wealth and power of the British monarchy.”

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The maker of the jewel is not known, but some jewellery experts believe that Albert commissioned London-based jeweller Garrard to create it.

Victoria loved the brooch so much that she decided to wear it on her wedding day.

The young Queen pinned it to her ivory-coloured dress.

She then wore the brooch regularly before passing it down to Princess Alexandra of Denmark, the wife of her son King Edward VII.

The brooch continued to be passed down the generations.

It was next worn by Mary of Teck, the wife of King George V.

Then, it was inherited by the Queen Mother, who was married to King George VI, before finally reaching Queen Elizabeth II.

This means that the Prince Albert brooch has been worn by five generations of the British Royal Family, making it a very special jewel.

Max Stone, diamond expert at online jewellery retailer Steven Stone, thinks that the brooch could have a value of almost £10million.

He explained: “The ring contains a large oval or cushion shaped sapphire, which is at least 40cts. The breath-taking gem is also surrounded by 12 large diamonds, which look to be around 12cts.

“Due to the clarity and intense colour of the sapphire it was possible sourced from Burma.

“If it was to be sold today, it would be worth around £8million to £9million thanks to its historic legacy.”


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