Queen Elizabeth wore special colour-changing brooch for virtual engagement today


Her Majesty was pictured today speaking to His Excellency Mr Pascal Gayama, Ambassador from the Republic of the Congo, and His Excellency Mr Salah Mrehil, Ambassador from Libya, via a video link. The Queen was in Windsor Castle, while the ambassadors were welcomed at Buckingham Palace.

Via the video link, the Queen was able to speak to the ambassadors from the comfort of her sitting room.

Although the Queen wasn’t seen in person, she seemed to be in high spirits on camera.

Her Majesty wore a turquoise dress with pink and green flowers.

She matched this with a pair of pearl earrings and a strand of pearls around her neck.

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Interestingly, the monarch wore one string of pearls, instead of her usual three strings.

Her white hair was brushed back neatly and she wore a little make up.

But, of course, no outfit of the Queen’s is complete without a brooch.

For the virtual audiences, Her Majesty donned Queen Mary’s Pink Sapphire Cluster brooch on her left lapel.


This brooch features a pink gemstone at its centre, surrounded by a thin halo of diamonds.

These diamonds are then surrounded by a cluster of ten larger brilliants.

Ten more tiny diamonds are studded around the edge of the brooch.

Therefore, even though this brooch is not much larger than a button, its sparkle can be seen a long way away.

According to the Court Jeweller, who had debated the type of pink gemstone inside the brooch for years, the centrepiece is a pink sapphire.

The hue of this stone in fact tends to change a little depending on lighting and the colours surrounding it.

Sometimes it seems to be a very bright pink, while at other times it looks more like purple or lilac.

The brooch was inherited by the Queen from Queen Mary, who wore the jewel in the 1940s.

The jewel has been in Her Majesty’s collection for more than half a century, but she only started to wear it with frequency a decade ago.

In November 2010, the monarch donned the piece during a state visit to Oman.

Since then, she has worn it for dinners at Buckingham Palace and for in-person audiences.

Much like today, the Queen has often paired the brooch with colourful, floral outfits, or bright pink or purple coats.


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