Qatar Uber drivers want to come to England because host nation is 'boring and expensive'


So far, I have used the app three times. It’s something I often use back in England and, as per back home, each driver is ready to have a natter.

As soon as I speak, they ask where I’m from. For a bit of fun, I tell them to guess. One driver guessed Germany, which took me by surprise.

But when they’re informed I’m from England, big smiles break out. They’re fans of our country, believing it to be the land of opportunity as America once was.

My first driver, named Muhammed, told me he was hoping to visit one day.

“It is a great country,” he said. “Everybody from England is so nice. I have friends there, they say it is a brilliant place to be.”

They’re right of course. England, for all of it’s glaring problems, remains a place to be proud of. Sometimes, going away makes you appreciate what you come home to.


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