Prince Harry has ‘unique’ relationship with Queen and shows ‘a side’ of her rarely seen


In this way, Judi compared Harry to his grandfather, but the similarities don’t stop there – Harry, like the Duke of Edinburgh, has also shown many signs of affection towards the Queen in the past.

Judi said: “Both the Queen and Harry would wear signals of open affection that looked totally congruent when they were around one another and it would be difficult to imagine how keenly the Queen must feel the loss of this ‘naughtier’ grandson.

“Someone who she could drop her rather more formal image with and who allowed her to showcase the more fun side of her personality that we are often told lurks behind the public image of duty, tradition, and formality.”

However, Prince Harry will be missing out on seeing his grandmother in the upcoming weeks as he will not be travelling to the UK for Prince Philip’s memorial service.


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