'Presidential' Meghan Markle pays 'passionate' tribute to Harry – 'unashamed fan'


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry introduced the Invictus Games to a roaring crowd of veterans on April 17. Judi James spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the Duchess’ speech tactics, suggesting Meghan is her husband’s biggest supporter.

Judi began: “As a double-act the format that Meghan and Harry use here is hugely similar to the US presidential campaigns where the partner will arrive on stage first to introduce their spouse using loving words of praise and pride to stoke emotions in a prelim in a way that no other announcer could.”

From her speech it is clear that Meghan is not only a doting wife but an “unashamed fan” too.

And with a successful career in acting and public speaking, Meghan appears extremely at home on the stage, articulating her love for her husband and his cause beautifully.

Not only uniting herself and her audience with “words of warmth, inclusivity and love”, she has mastered some important speaking techniques.

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Judi continued: “She uses a presidential-style verbal technique of clusters of three, placing her points in emphatic groups of three to inspire enthusiasm, energy and applause.

“This technique has been used by UK politicians as well for years and it is a great way of making your audience soar.”

Some examples of this included, “Your country, your family, your community” and then “This is service, this is dedication, this is the Invictus family”, which built a sense of urgency and inspired purpose in the room.

The rest of her speech, an ode to her husband, was “brief but powerful”.


Steering her audience “emotionally”, Meghan introduced Harry as someone they should be “excited to see”.

She even went as far as to say that introducing him was her “distinguished honour”.

Judi explained: “‘I could not love and respect him more’ is a passionate and glowing, personal statement about her relationship with Harry.”

The addition of “I know you all feel the same”, is “powerful”, and elevates the Duke of Sussex through her assuredness that the crowd loves him as much as she does.

Judi concluded that her short yet compelling speech did well to illustrate her “affection for both the audience or ‘Invictus family’ and of course Harry”.

Her words were only compounded by her beaming smile, which also spoke to the huge amount of love and respect she has for Harry and what he stands for.

The speech culminated with a touching kiss from her husband before she exited the stage.

And clearly her words and presence resonated with the crowd, as when Prince Harry did reach the stage, he was met with a long standing ovation.


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