Pep Guardiola's Liverpool grumbles show ugly side to 'friendly' Jurgen Klopp relationship


But it’s not the first time that Guardiola has fired shots at Liverpool, and he’s been guilty of also poking fun at Klopp in the past, making their ‘friendship’ seem even more for the cameras. Sure, greatness can appreciate greatness and the pair clearly respect one another. But Guardiola definitely is anything but friendly when speaking about Liverpool.

Klopp has been involved in an ongoing row with fixture scheduling for some time, as the German is used to a lot more leniency in his homeland. And Guardiola recently broke his silence on the situation and offered Klopp an alternative if he’s unhappy.

“If I’m not satisfied, I go home and don’t be manager of Manchester City. I go to another league in the Maldives, the Maldives league, and play one game a week and I’m so comfortable under the coconuts. It would be so perfect, but it’s not the case. You’re playing at 12.30? I’m sorry Liverpool, but I’m not involved with that.”


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