Patrick Mahomes look-alike Trace O’Hara hypes up fans at Pro Bowl


This man is not Patrick Mahomes. Although, he certainly looks like him.

Trace O’Hara, a defensive lineman for UCF, was in Las Vegas for the Pro Bowl, where fans mistook him for the Kansas City quarterback. Footage from a Pro Bowl practice, where O’Hara was on the field, shows fans cheering as he walks up the sideline, with a friend in the background laughing and saying, “They think it’s Mahomes.”

O’Hara evidently went to the practice with that in mind, as a Snapchat story caption reads, “We’re gonna see if Trace can pass for Patrick Mahomes at practice stay tuned.”

Patrick Mahomes, left, and a look-alike, Trace O'Hara, stand on the field during Pro Bowl festivities in this composite image.
Patrick Mahomes, left, and look-alike Trace O’Hara
Getty Images; Twitter/Overtime

The prank was all in good fun, as the real Mahomes and Travis Kelce took a picture with O’Hara at the practice.

The UCF football Twitter account confirmed that it was O’Hara.

Trace’s father, Pat O’Hara, was at the Pro Bowl in his capacity as the Titans’ quarterbacks coach — presumably allowing Trace to get on the field for practice. The resemblance between Trace O’Hara and Mahomes is certainly uncanny, and the prank was a good one.

O’Hara played on the scout team at UCF this fall after spending last season redshirting.


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