Olympic Games helping dictators and other commentary


Olympic historian: Games Helping Dictators

“The authoritarian challenge to democracy and human rights is arguably the defining geopolitical story of our time. Rather than oppose this trend, the [International Olympic Committee] seems to be participating in it,” thunders Jules Boykoff at Politico. “The IOC has willingly hitched its wagon to China while showing gullibility every step of the way,” including its “consistent” deflections on human rights issues there. IOC leaders say they want to be neutral, but “in the current political climate, ‘neutrality’ isn’t the virtue they pretend it is.” This, as “countries experiencing a decline in their overall freedom outnumbered those experiencing gains” as charted by Freedom House. “The IOC isn’t a country, of course. But it’s clear what side of that ledger the organization is on.”

From the right: The Book-Ban Double Standard

“When the Right takes a book off a school reading list, it’s a ‘ban’ and cause for despair, calumny, and outrage. When the Left does so, it’s merely a removal and passes by with hardly any mention in the media,” scoffs National Review’s Kyle Smith. “The media almost unanimously used the word ‘ban’ to describe a Tennessee school board’s decision to remove Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel ‘Maus.’” Yet “the book was not banned. It was removed from a curriculum.” Meanwhile, “a school board in Washington State removed ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ from its required curriculum for the ninth grade” citing racial “insensitivities.” Except for a local news station, the media barely noticed.

Libertarian: To Calm Flights, Kill Mask Mandates

“Airline executives are asking the federal government to expand its no-fly list to include unruly passengers,” grumbles Reason’s Christian Britschgi, when the “easier, less authoritarian solution” to onboard disruptions is to repeal the mask rules “that are making so many passengers unruly in the first place.” Recall: “The massive expansion of the federal no-fly list in the wake of 9/11 saw people added because of mistaken identities, clerical errors, or baseless suspicion of terrorism from federal authorities.” Now, “creating a new no-fly list to cover ‘unruly passengers’ could ensnare a lot more people.” And demanding masks for “the long hours spent aboard planes or in airports” is “the immediate cause” of many in-flight fits. “That certainly doesn’t excuse any individual passenger’s violent behavior, but it does suggest ending mask mandates would be a pretty straightforward means of preventing it.”

Catholic: Save Gotham’s Kids, Cardinal Dolan

“The school mask regime appears to be collapsing,” Sohrab Ahmari writes at The American Conservative, with multiple Democratic governors announcing the end of mask mandates for kids. But New York City, “the nation’s largest school district,” is holding on, keeping children “hostage to grownup hysteria and political cravenness.” Hmm: “Gotham’s children might need help from a higher power — and his earthly apostle, in the form of Timothy Cardinal Dolan.” From the start, Archdiocesan schools have “responded rapidly, sanely, and responsibly where public schools foundered and utterly failed kids.” Now they could stand up for kids by “resist[ing] school mask mandates” and “lobbying more visibly against state and local mandates.”

Conservative: Fair Slap at Jan. 6 Panel GOPers

GOP “condemnations” of the Republican National Committee’s censure of Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for participating in the Democrats’ Jan. 6 committee probe “sidestep” the panel’s “partisan agenda,” making it seem the two are “being punished simply for what they think,” fumes The Federalist’s Rachel Bovard. Yet the panel isn’t engaged in “truth seeking”: Though several probes found no evidence of “central coordination,” it insists there was. It’s “issued huge dragnets” for info of citizens “who had nothing to do with” the riot, breached protocol by demanding records of House colleagues and filed criminal contempt charges for those who won’t comply with its requests. So, yes, the condemnations “are rational. You don’t continue to bunk up with people who continually try to shiv you.”

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