Nick Cannon’s ex Alyssa Scott ‘didn’t know’ star would announce son’s death on TV show after baby ‘died in her arms’

NICK Cannon’s ex Alyssa Scott “didn’t know” the star would announce their son’s death on his TV show.

The 41-year-old revealed their son Zen’s passing after the baby “died in her arms,” Alyssa’s mother Lisa exclusively told The Sun.


Nick’s ex Alyssa didn’t know he would announce their son’s death on his TV show[/caption]


Zen ‘died in Alyssa’s arms’[/caption]

One day after Nick announced Zen had sadly died at just five-months-old following a battle with brain cancer, Lisa exclusively told The Sun that the model, 28, didn’t know her ex would reveal the sad news on The Nick Cannon Show.

Speaking at her home in Chico, California, Lisa, 50, wept as she told The Sun: “We’re all very shaken up, it’s really hard.

“Alyssa is having a really hard time but she’s so strong, she was the best mom to Zen.

“The six months he was with her she held him and she said ‘Mom, I don’t have any guilt because I know I never got impatient with him, I was always loving.’”

She continued of Alyssa: “She was a good mom and she has taken it really rough.

“I was just crying with my husband, it comes in waves.

“I do good and think ,‘He’s in a better place and he’s going to be OK’ but then it hits me like a Mack truck and I start again.”


Lisa revealed that Zen started having noticeable health problems in July, as he dealt with congestion.

She continued: “They went in and they measured his head and that’s when his pediatrician said he was a little bit above the charts and he had hydrocephalus. 

“Zen had brain surgery, they put a shunt drainage system in his head and that’s when they detected the brain cancer on the MRI.”

Lisa added: “The neurologist said that even when Alyssa was carrying him he had it in the womb, so it went undetected possibly in the sonograms that she had.

“She had healthcare and she did everything right.

“The neurologists are looking at pictures now to see if it was maybe already in her womb.”

The grandmother then reflected on how Nick revealed Zen’s passing, saying: “Alyssa is a really laid back gal, she’s really behind the scenes and doesn’t like a lot of attention. 

“So when Nick announced it she called me and she was unaware that he was going to do that on the show.

“People grieve different, Alyssa is the type who sits back and she’ll take it all in.

“She has her moments but she’s so strong, if you could picture a perfect mom it’s her and she has her daughter Zeela who is going to be four in February.”

Lisa continued: “It was a real balance being there for both of them, I don’t know how she did it.”


Speaking of Alyssa’s daughter from a previous relationship, she said: “Zeela is just a doll. She knows that baby Zen is not here and he’s not going to be sick anymore, he’s going to be well and he’s in Heaven and he’s OK.

“I was crying last night and she said ‘But Grandma, he’s not sick anymore.’

“I’ve got a little bit of a cold from crying and I was telling my husband I’m going to have to go to the hospital.

“Zeela looked at me and said ‘No, you can’t go to the hospital Grandma, that’s where Zen went.’

“Alyssa did all the care for Zen at home, he passed away in her arms at home.”


Nick broke down in tears on his show Tuesday in front of a live audience as he revealed his youngest child Zen had passed away after living with a brain tumor.

The TV host welcomed his son Zen with model Alyssa on June 23.

During the episode, Nick said explained he thought Zen a sinus problem when he was two-months-old.

After his head appeared to swell, they learned that fluid was building.

Doctors discovered he had a malignant brain tumor that required surgery immediately, but his heath did not improve.

Zen passed away on Sunday at the star’s home in Burbank and Nick had to fly back to the New York for his job.

Nick has praised Alyssa for being the “strongest woman [he’s] ever seen” through it all.

“I gotta say thank you to my entire family but specifically to Alyssa,” he added, while thanking everyone for “coming together during this difficult time.”

Nick also has twins Moroccan and Monroe, 10, with ex-wife Mariah Carey, along with Golden, 4, and Powerful Queen, 9 months old, with Brittany Bell, and twins Zion and Zillion, five months old, with DJ Abby De La Rosa.

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Nick announced Zen’s passing during a recent episode of his talk show[/caption]


He broke down in tears while sharing the tragic news[/caption]


Alyssa’s mother Lisa spoke to The Sun about Zen’s final days[/caption]

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