New York Democrats’ bet on racial gerrymandering is riskier than they realize


New York Democrats are going big on gerrymandering as they seize control of redistricting. But they may get bitten by their assumption that they have a permanent lock on non-white voters. 

Consider the two new state Senate seats in the city, one in heavily Hispanic parts of Queens and Brooklyn, another in heavily Asian parts of Brooklyn. 

Dems clearly think those minority votes belong to them by default. But do they?

Perhaps the biggest political story of the past four years has been the realignment of Hispanic and Asian voters across America with the GOP.

In New York, Curtis Sliwa running for mayor as a Republican outperformed Eric Adams in many Asian-majority districts — and though Adams generally won Hispanic majority districts, there was a massive GOP swing in districts 75% Hispanic and higher.

Nationally, too, Hispanic voters are shifting away from the Democrats — because the party’s priorities are all wrong. Nowadays, even national Dem elders favor the jargon used by zoomer lefties. Here in solid-blue New York, actual socialists like Julia Salazar sit in the Senate and crank out policy informed by the 31 flavors of “justice” — climate justice, reproductive justice, gender justice, etc. 

This has cost the party focus, or pushed it to outright obfuscation, on the economy — a key issue in the emerging shift of US Hispanic voters, only 37 percent of whom would support a generic Dem for Congress, a December WSJ poll found, whereas 60 percent voted Democratic in the 2020 midterms. The mayoral numbers suggest the shift is local as well.

It’s also cost them (with the welcome exception of our current mayor) any resonant stories on the key issues of safety and education. Those last two issues loom for Asian voters here: Their kids make up a majority at elite public schools, while the city saw a 361% spike in anti-Asian hate crimes in 2021. Meanwhile, the local Democratic left is working ever-harder to keep Asians out of those schools and to hinder the NYPD; no wonder Sliwa made those gains. 

Asian and Hispanic voters don’t want bogus “justice,” they want the real thing: Public order and less crime; an economic climate that allows job growth; good public schools with fair admissions policies. 

Pols who deliver those will ultimately win. Those who don’t will ultimately lose. 

These gerrymanders won’t work out the way the Democratic power-brokers so arrogantly assume: Voters really do think for themselves.


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