'My rock': Princess Beatrice and Eugenie are 'best friends' – 'only person who understands


Judi began: “Up to a point where they implode dramatically like William and Harry’s, royal sibling relationships tend to be even more important and crucial to survival than non-royal.”

Facing tragedy and scandal is difficult enough for a non-royal family.

But being thrust into the limelight whilst facing scandal and controversy presents even more challenges.

Throughout the years, Beatrice and Eugenie’s relationship has remained steadfast through trials and tribulations.

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They aren’t the only ones, however, with siblings like the Queen and Princess Margaret growing up also looking “socially marooned together”.

From birth, they become “best friends, best supporters and most trusted wing-men/women” out of sheer necessity.

Judi explained: “This is the only person in the world who really understands and shares the unique upbringing and possible alienations of a royal childhood.”

Cousin relationships can be much the same, with Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry as living proof of the unbreakable bonds created through shared experience, maintaining that close relationship from across the pond.


Judi continued that it is “unsurprising that Beatrice and Eugenie have described each other as ‘My rock’”, with their mother Sarah completing the ‘Tripod’ relationship.

“More than most other royal siblings, these two women have grown up with a family life that consists of ongoing scandal, drama and banishments.

“If you were to use one word to describe their behaviour and their body language overall it would be ‘loyal’, and fierce loyalty at that.”

Their parental base was rocky from a young age, with Sarah and Andrew divorcing in 1996, when Beatrice was seven-years-old and Eugenie, six, separating when they were only four and two.

“Despite being the younger sister, the dynamic of the sibling relationship has always suggested that Eugenie is the slightly more mature, confident and maternal one of the two.

“With her huge rounded eyes and wide, toothy smile Beatrice’s body language suggests a capacity for enthusiasm and spontaneity but also vulnerability.

“She is said to be the ‘more polite’ sibling, while Eugenie can be ‘louder’.

Eugenie was married to Jack Brooksbank in 2018, and Beatrice to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in 2021, with Eugenie seen being “lovingly supportive and strong” at her sister’s pandemic wedding.

Before their respective marriages it would have been difficult to picture the pair not attached at the hip, but despite their added husbands and children, their sisterly relationship has remained as strong as ever.

Judi concluded: “Both sisters are now wives and mothers but we can still see from the family holiday line-ups that it will take more than that to separate these sisters for long.”


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