Mum fined £130 for 'driving down the road' and missing 'tiny' road sign


Katie Pennell, of Sydenham in South London, said she drives along Dermody Road “all the time”. However, she failed to spot a road sign warning that the road is part of a “low-traffic neighbourhood” scheme.

The street was blocked off by planters and bollards during the pandemic and reopened recently as restrictions eased.

Ms Pennell said: “They put in these restrictions during Covid to ease traffic, and there were things in place like plant pots and bollards to stop you driving down.

“They’ve taken them away now so I assumed you could drive down it because it’s just a normal road with no schools or anything on.

“Next thing I know I got a fine in the post saying I had to pay £130.”

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“The signs are some of the largest and clearest of their type accompanied with road markings, to aid with visibility, and these types of signs are used commonly throughout London.

“We’re removing all physical barriers and replacing them with camera-enforced restrictions, as agreed by the council, to further improve access for emergency services and to reduce vandalism and operational costs.

“All barriers are marked with signage outlining the restrictions.

“The cost of a fine is set by London Councils and money received from fines is reinvested back into local communities – helping to fund concessionary travel, the maintenance of streets and pavements, improved parking facilities and other initiatives to help support people to walk and cycle more.

“The number of fines issued for breaching restrictions has been reducing as motorists have become more aware of them.

“Congestion on roads can occur for a number of reasons, including events that are often unplanned and can be difficult to influence, such as emergency works and unexpected closures of the Blackwall Tunnel.

“However, the LTN is managed in a way that allows us to be flexible and respond to incidents that affect routes in the area.

“We’re continuing to monitor and review traffic, speed and air quality levels in and around the LTN to help ensure we can address any issues where possible.”


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