Monty Don: Overwatering houseplants is ‘biggest mistake’ made – soak for 15 minutes only


Monty Don regularly shares gardening advice online as well as on television, including how to care for houseplants. Sharing tips and tricks for April in his latest blog post, the expert explained that overwatering is the “biggest mistake” people make when it comes to looking after indoor plants.

Monty wrote: “There are, of course, a huge range of plants that can and are grown permanently indoors with a wide range of conditions best suited to them.

“By large, the biggest mistake people make with their houseplants is to overwater them.

“In fact, that can be qualified, or refined, by saying most are overwatered at the roots but under-watered in the air.

“A coolish spot, out of direct sunlight is likely to be more congenial for all evergreen plants from tropical regions than a south-facing window sill above a radiator.”

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Speaking in a recent BritxBox video on YouTube, the expert provided top tips on how to feed houseplants and when to feed them.

Monty said: “Every plant that is grown in a container will sooner or later need a supplementary feed because it will exhaust the available nutrients inside the pot.

“If you overfeed, it will result in overly lush soft tissue and soft growth that is much prone to disease and predation.

“The key to it is to feed when the plant is actively growing.

This is typically done within the spring and summer months and less in the winter due to houseplants going through dormant phases.

Succulents and cacti don’t need feed to survive. 


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