Michael Bublé 'panicked' over Paul McCartney's 'important' cover song


After The Beatles, Paul McCartney began working hard on his solo music. The star has released a plethora of solo albums, with his latest, McCartney III, hitting store shelves just last year. And this month he is back in the charts – but not with his own voice.

Canadian singer Michael Bublé recently released a new record chock full of covers of his favourite tracks from throughout the years. Included in that list was My Valentine.

In a new interview with Bublé, the star recalled being asked to record the song for his new covers album.

Bublé told Radio Times: “He wrote me an email through his manager, saying: ‘We hear you’re making a new album. My Valentine is an important song to me and I think you’d do a great job of it.'”

The Home singer was gobsmacked at being approached by a member of the Fab Four, and had to respond with a request of his own. 

The 46-year-old wrote back: “Could you help me?”

Bublé continued: “And he did. You won’t be shocked to hear that he’s an amazing musician who turns out to be the greatest producer ever, too!”

In another interview, Bublé confessed he made up an embarrassing nickname for himself to speak with Macca. The star appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he retold the story.

Bublé said: “We arranged this little demo and sent it to Sir Paul. I sent it to him with my phone number, never thinking I would ever get a call. And I was driving on Sunset in LA and the phone rang from a [British] +44 number, and I said: ‘Hello,’ and this beautiful voice said: ‘Hi. It’s Paul Mac.'”

He added: “I panicked, and I swear to God, I said: ‘It’s Mickey Bubs.'”

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McCartney recalled at the time of the record’s release: “I was in Morocco with Nancy, who’s now my wife, and we were having a nice holiday but it was raining rather a lot. I said: ‘A pity it’s raining.’ And she said: ‘It doesn’t matter, we can still have a good time.’ And I’m like that, too, I don’t mind at all … so one afternoon, when it was raining, I was in that foyer, and without anyone noticing except a couple of waiters who were clearing up, I sat at the piano and started knocking around with this little tune: ‘What if it rained? We didn’t care. She said that someday soon the sun was gonna shine…'”

Eventually, McCartney worked with Eric Clapton on completing the song for his 15th solo album.

This was an even more special moment for McCartney, as it harkened back to his days of being in The Beatles.

McCartney remembered: “When [Eric Clapton and I] were recording [My Valentine] we were in Abbey Road.

“I said: ‘Say Eric, the last time we were working here together, was when you were sitting over there playing guitar on George [Harrison]’s song While My Guitar Gently Weeps.’ So there was an – I don’t know what – 40-year gap, and only 10 yards physically.”

While My Guitar Gently Weeps is one of Harrison’s best-loved songs. It was released on the band’s White Album in 1968.



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