Lewis Hamilton's worst F1 season and how it compares to 2022 struggles


At the end of the 2011 season, Hamilton – who had just retired from the Brazilian Grand Prix – apologised to his team for the ‘mishaps’ throughout the season, and insisted 2012 would be better. The Brit finished the 2011 season fifth overall in the world championship, securing three wins, six podiums and one pole position while finishing behind his teammate for the first time in his career as Jenson Button finished second in the championship.

When comparing such results to the 2022 campaign, Hamilton will have to secure a pole position, another handful of podiums and even several wins if he wants to truly avoid the current season becoming his worst since he entered the sport in 2007. However, he can lose to George Russell, which is perhaps becoming a likely prospect given the 24-year-old’s fine start to the season.

The 22-race F1 2022 campaign – which is expected to return to a record 23 races in the near future once a Russian Grand Prix replacement is found – continues with the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona on May 22.


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