Lewis Hamilton 'might have minor surgery' as Ted Kravitz shares update after Miami GP


“There is a little storm brewing still. Hamilton has said, ‘look, they can fine me whatever they want’. But it is not as simple as that. If the FIA can scrutineer a driver, which it looks like they can do, the FIA could stop Lewis going out onto the pit line for Friday practice because he’s not been scrutineered in the same way a car is. This could get nasty in a couple of races’ time.”

Hamilton had previously joked that parts of his body would need to be chopped off as some studs are welded into his skin. But the Mercedes star – who finished sixth in Miami – took a stronger stance prior to Sunday’s Grand Prix.

He accused the FIA of taking a “step backwards” after good work done to improve Formula One’s reputation. He added: “It seems unnecessary to get into this spat. I think we’ve made such great strides for the sport… and this is such a small thing.”


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