Letters to the Editor — Feb. 7, 2022


The Issue: President Biden’s speech about combatting gun violence and crime in New York City.

I am a retired NYPD sergeant. President Biden’s “plan” will do nothing to stop or slow this deadly crime wave because it spectacularly fails to deal with the No. 1 cause of crime — the dangerous criminals (“Blah, blah, blah,” Feb. 4).

Change “no bail” insanity and “Raise the Age” craziness, hold DAs accountable for doing their job and empower police again to be able to use justified force to actually stop the bad guys from committing these heinous acts — and watch crime plummet fast and New York return to a place of safety.

Unfortunately, that would involve actually punishing criminals and holding them accountable.

Jason Auerbach

Staten Island

Why is it the president’s responsibility to solve the city’s crime issues?

The rise in crime is attributable to the former mayor, Bill de Blasio, who loathed the police, as well as to the state Legislature, which modified bail and incarceration laws and now to an ultra-liberal Manhattan district attorney.

It’s not up to Biden to clean up the crime situation, but whatever he can do to assist Mayor Adams will be a plus.

Hank DePerro


Let’s start on a positive note: At least now the president (unlike many in his party) admits there’s a problem of violent crime in our cities.

Other than that, his speech was mostly just political yada-yada nonsense about gun violence.

There’s a lot more to violent crime. Guns don’t push people onto subway tracks or punch people or stab them.

The core of the problem: Children aren’t born violent criminals. The parents and the home environment are the most important factor in determining how a child will turn out. Second is education, which also should start at home.

If all those who bring a human life into this world would be responsible and teach their children about love and respect for others, this would go a long way to solving the crime problem.

Then it’s up to the district attorneys to enforce our laws and keep these violent criminals off the streets.

Raymond Klett


Biden’s speech offered little hope to New Yorkers. He made sure not to say anything that might offend the woke crowd that has infested his party, and he said nothing about taking the outlaws off the streets.

Biden has played a large part in the crime epidemic. For the past two summers with violence raging through the streets, Biden kept his head in the ground.

His accusations that the police were a part of systemic racism emboldened the criminal element and led to attacks on the police.

His open-door policy at the border has allowed drugs, arms and violent felons into the country.

During his short time in office, Biden has shown little concern for those who serve. He has abandoned the police just as he abandoned the military in Afghanistan.

And when it is time to vote, all police, their families and friends across America need to unite and vote for those who stand for law and order.

Nicholas Maffei


The president came to town to discuss gun violence, and as usual Sen. Chuck Schumer uses a situation to cry for more money.

Getting rid of guns won’t help the people who are being pushed in front of trains. It wouldn’t have helped the woman who was stabbed in the chest at a housing project. And it wouldn’t help any of the people who are punched, slashed or robbed on the subway.

It’s just another way for the Democrats to deflect from dealing with the real issues and try to push their own agendas.

Rob Cerone


Once again, Biden and the Democrats blame the inanimate object for the plague of gun violence, rather than those committing the acts.

They totally ignore the disenfranchised human being who went out of their way to procure a gun, load it, carry it, point it and shoot it.

Brian Sullivan

Rockaway Beach

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