Letters to the Editor — Feb. 6, 2022


Anti-Israel org
Amnesty International has proved itself to be an anti-Semitic organization by slandering the Jewish people and naming Israel an “apartheid country” (“Israel rips Amnesty’s ‘apartheid’ report,” Feb. 1).

This, without regard to the truth that Arabs in Israel (not in the territory run by the Palestinian Authority) have full citizenship, holding elective office in the Knesset and serving in the government.

It also ignores the close to 1 million Jews who since 1949 have been forced to flee their homes in Muslim-dominated countries to escape persecution.

Because of this racist slander against the Jewish people, Amnesty International must have its 501(c)3 tax classification revoked.

Donald Meltzer
Plano, Texas

BLM money mess
Is anybody watching the till over at Black Lives Matter (“BLM’s $60M eyed,” Feb. 3)?

So far, of the $90 million collected, just $60 million remains, and yet its affiliates are saying they received little to no financial assistance. So where did all that money go?

Well, one thing we know for sure: The shameless co-founder Patrisse Kahn-Cullors went to town and bought herself four new homes worth $3.2 million total. She also viewed several multimillion-dollar luxury apartments in the Bahamas.

I guess her life matters a little bit more than everybody else’s. BLM better get its books in order, or it will go down as just another sham organization that took advantage of its naive contributors.

Bert Wedemeyer

China’s ‘games’
The ongoing Winter Olympics are being held in Communist China, despite the continued abuse by the Chinese government of Uighurs, Tibetans and other religious and ethnic minorities (“Beijing our top ‘threat,’ ” Feb. 2).

Unfortunately, the games are an opportunity for the Chinese government to highlight advances in its society.

The 1936 Munich Olympics permitted the vile Nazi government to use the games for public relations, which the Communist Chinese government is also attempting.

Hopefully, this is the last time the Olympics are played in a totalitarian nation. Allowing Communist China to host the games only helps a dictatorial government advance its despicable philosophy before a world stage.

Tim Seale

NFL’s Snoop stoop
Thank you, Phil Mushnick, for your insightful column regarding the upcoming NFL halftime show (“Dogg & phony,” Sports, Jan. 30).

Snoop Dogg degrades women and encourages violence against our police in his raps, and the NFL thinks he will be good halftime entertainment.

Of course I won’t watch the nasty show, but I will watch the game and take note of all commercials, and I am going to boycott every one of those products for the next year.

Robert Leavy
Middle Village

Zucker out
So poor Jeff Zucker had to resign for not disclosing his relationship with a co-worker (“The most trysted name in news,” Feb. 3).

However, Zucker should have been fired long ago for running a den of iniquity masquerading as a TV station. How many people who worked there have been involved in sex scandals under his watch?

Politics aside, the work environment at CNN was out of control. How ironic is it that a consensual relationship with a co-worker is the reason he is finally gone?

Robert DiNardo

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