‘Lawn of your dreams’ How to achieve thick grass by reseeding once – 'Process is simple'


4. Sow your seeds and water them in with a light spray

Carlos continued: “Choosing the right seed for your lawn is simple – it all depends on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. 

“For example, if you need a hard-wearing lawn that must withstand children and/or pets, you will want a seed with high rye content. 

“With seeding, it’s easier to control the blend and find a combination that’s right for your lawn.

“Choose a non-windy day to sow seed to avoid seeds in areas you don’t want. 

“If seeding by hand, mark out the area (note 1kg covers 20m2 if seeding a new lawn or 50m2 for overseeding) – this will show you how densely you need to sow the seed. 

“As with all seeds, make sure to check the packaging instructions for the recommended rate of application – don’t be tempted to over-seed as this will cause many of the seeds to rot, and you’ll be paying more in the process.” 

Carols added: “Once applied, lightly rake the area to mix the seed and soil. 

“Apply another layer of topsoil over the top of the seeds to protect them from birds and to hold moisture.  

“Water the seeds in with a light spray to start the germination. 

“You want to get a good soil-to-seed contact, so I suggest lightly treading the seed into the soil, or use a light garden roller to push them into the ground.” 


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