Laundry: Use ‘palm trick’ to ‘correctly’ load your washing machine for ‘better results’


If Britons load the clothes in right, but the detergent dosage is wrong, they’ll also have semi-unwashed clothes to deal with at the end of the cycle.

Kate Cecile-Pritchard, user marketing manager at Bosch explained how to load a washing machine with detergent.

She said: “Using too much or too little detergent in your washing machine can lead to poor washing results.

“When it comes to using the correct dosage of detergent, there are three key facts to consider

“The amount of dirt in the washing, the more dirty the clothes are and the more detergent that’s needed to remove it.

“You may not see it, but approximately 70 percent of dirt on clothes comes from the body, such as skin, sweat, grease and other bodily fluids. Only 30 percent of dirt on clothes comes from external sources, such as food, mud, grass, lotions and creams.


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