Kate Middleton was in 'shock' seeing Meghan – ‘dour expression’ cameras didn't pick up


Kate Middleton, 40, appeared graceful and elegant as usual during the Platinum Jubilee, but one moment during the Service of Thanksgiving surprised many royal fans. As the Duchess of Cambridge sat down in St Paul’s Cathedral beside her husband Prince William, she turned behind her and appeared to mouth the word, “Wow”. Although it is unclear why Kate did this, body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to offer her analysis.

Judi claimed: “This moment appears to show Kate mouthing the word ‘Wow’ after having looked across in the direction of Meghan and Harry.

“Her gaze does seem to fit this theory insofar that she turns her head to look sideways and back, which fits the direction the couple were sitting in.

“Although the distance between them would have been quite large.

“Whatever she has seen seems to be responsible for a dour or thoughtful expression.

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“When she turns back, there are three or four long blinks to suggest a cut-off ritual.

“A ‘Wow’ response would suggest surprise bordering on shock though,” the expert opined.

Judi added: “Kate would surely have been aware the Sussexes were attending and where they would be sitting.

“Meghan’s wide-brimmed hat was tilted at an angle to make her face hidden from Kate’s view.


“William sits totally impassively here though, meaning if Kate did do a ‘Wow’ it would probably have been silent, as a comment to herself.

“She would have known the cameras were picking up every facial expression and movement though.

“Which is why this might just have been a meaningless mouth ritual to maybe stretch her lips after all the meet and greet smiling she’d just performed.”

The Service of Thanksgiving was the only Jubilee event that the Sussexes and the Cambridges were reunited for. The two families could potentially see each other this summer at Balmoral to visit the Queen, although this has yet to be confirmed.


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