Kate Middleton is ‘confident’ on tour while William is ‘more cautious’ – ‘awkward’


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kicked off their royal tour in Belize, before heading to Jamaica. Their next stop will be the Bahamas. There are many photos and videos of the tour, but what do the most intimate ones of the royal couple tell fans about them?

According to body language expert Judi James, the royal tour shows “ongoing glimpses of the subtler and more revealing signs of the relationship between William and Kate now we get to see them in unusual surroundings and without their children to distract them”.

Judi analysed the couple’s body language individually too, highlighting that Kate is growing in confidence.

She continued: “We knew they worked well as a team, but the dynamics of that team do appear to have shifted slightly and even strengthened thanks to Kate’s increased levels of confidence as a solo royal performer, and her recently elevated status in the royal line-up now the Queen is appearing in public less and Harry and Meghan have left the Firm altogether.

“What we can see between William and Kate here is a more active and uninhibited confidence from Kate, who often seems to lead the poses or throw loving glances of humour or approval at William to encourage him to be more outgoing, too.”

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Judi went on to say that “William has often looked more reserved socially, but the couple can be seen checking and tuning into each other frequently on this trip, with Kate often directing his responses silently with her own non-verbal displays, making them a well-synchronized double-act”.

She claimed: “Kate seems to be prompting the fun and the air of relaxed enjoyment on this trip, while William can still look more cautious.

“It is a staple of these tours that the male royal partner will be called upon to look goofy and awkward on a regular basis, whether it’s doing dad-dancing, trying local skills that they have no talent for, or even playing instruments like the small drums that they have no experience of and even less ability to sit at without looking very awkward.”

Here, Judi is referring to yesterday’s visit to Trench Town in Jamaica, where the couple attempted to play the drums with locals.

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Judi continued: “The wives will normally look on from a distance, smiling politely, but Kate is the modern royal wife who will not only match her husband with every experience, including swimming with sharks, but who will often be seen making a better job of it, too.

“It’s a testament to their bonding that this seems to be developing into the ideal form of double-act for the Cambridges.

“Kate manages to sit at the drum looking upbeat and in the perfect party mood here, throwing her head back in an open-mouthed laugh while William looks awkward and more embarrassed.

“The couple share the joke happily and Kate even adds to the build-up by leaning across to confide in him, looking flirty as she does so, adding to his expression of bashful good-humour.

“Kate even leans to place one fondly and rather maternally-encouraging hand on her husband’s back as he sits with his hands on the drum.”

The body language expert added: “The small chats between the couple as they walk out to a new venue – and in the glare of the cameras – also look like a rather romantic way of prompting a holiday mood between them.

“Kate combines admiring smiles here with playful eye contact and another small touch on the back to suggest intense, flattering interest, while William appears to finger his collar in a gesture normally associated with awkwardness or inner anxiety.”

For the visit to Trench Town, Kate wore a coral and turquoise £369 dress from Willow Hilson Vintage.

She paired this with Russell & Bromley block heel shoes, costing £195.

The Duchess finished the look with a pair of pearl earrings and a gold bangle on her right wrist.

Her make up was minimal and her hair was swept behind her years in a sleek style.

This style is new for Kate, who usually leaves her locks in their natural waves or curls them.


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