Kate and William: Inside Adelaide Cottage – 'much better option' for couple than Eugenie


“Adelaide Cottage promises to be a happy family home for the Duke and Duchess where their marriage and children can thrive,” the expert claimed.

But are there any negative energies that exist inside Adelaide Cottage?

Suzanne added: “Adelaide Cottage was the home of Group Captain Peter Townsend along with his wife and sons from 1944 to 1952 when the couple divorced.

“Divorce, infidelity, poor health, family challenges and feeling trapped or overwhelmed are unusual in a ‘Good for People’ home.

“In 1951, when the friendship between Peter Townsend and Princess Margaret is said to have developed into intimacy and his marriage ended, Adelaide Cottage was, in what’s known in Feng Shui, a ‘one-year people lock’.


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