Joe Wicks shares 'tastiest' salmon recipe he's ever made – cheap and 'simple' recipe


Joe regularly shares easy and delicious recipes on his social media channels. Recently, he revealed a seafood dish that is “so simple to make”.

As food prices continue to skyrocket, Britons are trying to find ways to save money on their weekly grocery shop.

Because of this, Joe Wicks makes sure that each recipe he shares includes cheap and easily accessible ingredients.

One of these recipes is his honey ginger salmon with veggie rice.

Joe shared the recipe on his Instagram earlier this month, saying: “So simple to make and tastes unreal. One of the tastiest salmon recipes I’ve ever made.”

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Joe shared a video of himself making the dish, explaining every step as he went along.

He said: “First step, boil the rice and add some frozen peas and some spring onion.

“Crush garlic cloves, crush ginger, soy sauce.”

Joe added the crushed garlic, ginger, and soy sauce into one bowl, before squeezing the honey and a tablespoon of white wine vinegar in too.

He continued: “Give it a mix, marinade your salmon fillets.”

The fitness fanatic put the salmon fillets into the bowl, submerging them in the mixture.

“Fry in a pan, top with the marinade, simmer on a nice low heat until the sauce gets nice and sticky like that,” he explained.

Joe then put the rice on a plate, with the salmon on top of it, before placing more marinade on top of the salmon.

“Nice little drizzle for the win,” he added.

“Few more spring onions.

“Look at the state of that – homemade honey and ginger glazed salmon, with wonderful veggie rice.

“It’s quick, tasty, and very very healthy.”


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