I tried 89p Viakal to remove stubborn limescale from the shower – here’s my results


Limescale is a substance mainly made up of calcium and magnesium which is left behind when hard water evaporates. It is often easier to prevent limescale from building up than it is to get rid of it. I particularly notice it around my bathroom and taps and shower unit which is why I wanted to try a specific product claiming to target hard water marks.

I try to use natural cleaning products where I can as I find chemical products aren’t great to use around pets.

However, when it came to the limescale in my shower, I was willing to try anything to shift it.

I purchased Viakal from B&M for around 89p to put it to the test.

There are different scents of the product and I purchased the Viakal Fresh variety, which had an added floral scent.

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There was still a tiny bit of stubborn limescale in one of the corners so I decided to try the Viakal again to target it.

After leaving it for 10 minutes, I returned and it had completely gone.

I hate using microfibres to dry things when I am cleaning so I reached for my Spunj Ultra Absorbent Cloth in yellow.

The cloth has a large surface area which allows for maximum cleaning power with minimum effort.

It can be used on a variety of surfaces and it made the drying process so much easier for me.

I was shocked at how the £1.49 cloth completely dried the stainless steel, making it look brand new.

I will definitely be using Viakal in my bathroom from now on.


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