How to save up to £400 on YOUR water bill – Martin Lewis tells all

However, there are multiple ways you can save on your water bill by making a few small changes – and none of them have anything to do with changing the amount of water you personally use, according to money saving expert Martin Lewis. The key rule Martin Lewis abides by is: Do have more or the same number of bedrooms than people in your home?

If you can answer “yes” to that question, you should consider having a water meter installed.

Usually, your home’s bills are based on the “rateable value” of your home – this means the bigger the home, the more you pay.

But often this doesn’t match up with how much water is actually being used, especially if there are fewer people living in the house.

This usually happens after children move out of the family home – reducing the amount of water you use per person – but it may not be reflected in your bill.

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Martin suggested viewers use the Consumer Council for Water’s free calculator to see whether they can save, and how much.

He said: “If they [your water company] say you can’t have a meter fitted then you can ask for what’s called an assessed charge, which is roughly equivalent to what you’d pay on a water meter.

“And if that’s cheaper than the water rates, then it’s a definite winner there.”

Martin’s co-host Angellica Bell revealed several success stories where households had saved money by getting a water meter.

This can include showerheads that can save you £30 per year on your bill, as well as things like tap inserts and a ‘buffaloo’ bag.

A ‘buffaloo’ bag is placed in the toilet cistern to reduce the amount of water being flushed.

Martin said: “Remember, it doesn’t just cut the amount of water you use, but so much of the water we use is heated that it cuts your energy use too.

“If you’re on a water meter you get the double saving.”

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