How to 'quickly and effectively' clean non-fabric blinds – just 'throw them in the tub'


According to a study by Tombola, cleaning the blinds is the fifth “most hated chore” by Britons and one that many people forget about during the weekly clean. As a result, if it’s been a while since you last tackled your non-fabric blinds, the wood or plastic may have fallen victim to a substantial layer of dust and grime.

A Reddit user named Alexander Makenzie looking for a “quick and effective” solution to such a problem has sourced tips in a dedicated forum and was “amazed” at the results.

Several users revealed that their favourite way to tackle dirty non-fabric blinds is by simply popping them in the bathtub.

One user explained: “I’m an apartment manager and we clean them quickly by detaching them from the mechanism and throwing them in the tub with soapy water.

“Gets in all the blinds and quickly cleans them.”

Another added: “This is what my mother has done for years”.

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To begin, detach your blinds from the wall.

Next, place your blinds into the bathtub of water.

You only need to have enough water to cover the blinds.

Tombola recommends adding “about 50ml of washing up liquid to your bath”.

For extra dirty blinds, it is time to put in a little bit of elbow grease.

Tombola said: “Grab a brush or sponge scourer and give your blinds a scrub.”

Once you are satisfied with the clean, pull out the plug and allow the water to drain.

Leave your blinds in the tub until they are mostly dry. You can give them a wipe down later to remove any remaining dampness or residue.

Finally, give them a quick dust or polish before reattaching them to your window.


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