How to create a ‘rainbow’ on your dinner plate by sprucing up your garden for BBQ season


BBQs in the summer are a long held favourite of residents up and down the British Isles. Whether the motive is simply having an outdoors meal with your family or as part of a social gathering, BBQs are a great way for people to get outside and enjoy their garden space. spoke to a gardening expert to find out how you can make your experience even more exciting.

The surroundings for your BBQ can often make a big difference to the overall event.

Many households are constantly on the lookout for new ways to jazz up their garden for stay at home meals.

Rising levels of inflation and energy bills are making it more difficult for people to justify shelling out on garden luxuries.

But with the help of Maureen Barton, founder of Growing Together, has got you covered for how to spruce up your own backyard ahead of BBQ season.

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Radishes and lettuce, as well as edible flowers such as marigold, violets and chives, can all help to produce this effect.

She said: “Orange nasturtium flowers and leaves look lovely too, giving a nice peppery flavour.

“Radishes take about six weeks from sowing to harvest, salad leaves take around three weeks and you can cut them and they come again, and pea shoots can be eaten in salads after about 10 days.

“You can even grow from supermarket dried peas. You can cut them and they come again too.”

Ms Barton also shared an edible flower idea for cold drinks or cocktails which can be frozen in ice cubes for a refreshing beverage.

The gardener described how a “lovely blue star” shaped flower known as borage can be used to give added creativity at your BBQs.

She added: “Borage seeds are really cheap. Mine cost 50p and it’s an annual flower, which means it only lasts a season, but it will self seed for next year’s cocktails too.

“For the perfect cube, half fill and freeze before putting the flower in and refilling to freeze. Fabulous in Prosecco!”

3) Finishing touches

To top off your garden for BBQ season, just add some floral bunting or solar fairy lights for when your event moves into the evening.

Citronella candles will help to ward off insects and some wild flowers. Flowering houseplants, put together in wooden boxes, will add the finishing touch to your table.


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