How much does it really cost to use your microwave? Tips to slash your bill


Though the reasons behind the price cap rise are beyond our control, keeping track of how often you use certain household appliances can help to keep bills somewhat lower.

However, each household appliance uses a different amount of energy and thus adds a different sum to your monthly bill.

How much does your microwave cost to run?

To determine exactly how much energy your microwave is using, and thus how much it costs to run, you need to understand its wattage.

Microwaves are rated in either Watts (W) or Kilowatts (kW) for commercial ovens. You can find this usually on the back of the machine or in the manual.

A standard microwave found in the home usually runs between 600w and 1000W, though this can vary.

Based on the April price cap rise in the UK, has created an energy calculator that determines how much your microwave will use for certain periods of time.

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