'Hassle free': Plans to simplify electric car charging for drivers to promote EV switch


British Gas and Osprey Charging are joining forces to help simplify the electric car charging process for UK drivers. A “simple driver experience” will be created as well as a centralised fleet billing to support British Gas’ electric fleet operations.

By partnering with nationwide charging networks, British Gas can create a convenient and seamless payment method via one electric fuel card, improving the EV public charging experience for its engineers and accelerating electrification.  

With around 9,000 vehicles, British Gas is one of the UK’s biggest fleet operators and is working towards converting its entire fleet to become fully electric under its net-zero ambition.

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, said he was “thrilled” that British Gas chose to partner with Osprey to unlock further EV adoption. 

He added: “Our market-leading commercial and fleet roaming capabilities provide even more EV drivers with the ultimate charging experience via access to our nationwide, reliable and open rapid charger network.” 

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James Rooney, Fleet Engineering and Innovation Manager at British Gas, praised the partnership, saying motorists are being put at the forefront of their plans. 

He said: “It is essential that we support our engineering team with not just an accessible network of charging points, but a method of paying for charging that is hassle free. 

“We know that around seven in 10 of our drivers don’t have access to home charging and partnerships such as this will help to provide the confidence required that making the switch to electric is achievable.”

The partnership will also help transition all British Gas vehicles to an all-electric fleet. 

Speaking previously to Express.co.uk, Ian Johnston said drivers would benefit if the UK Government addressed some key issues. 

He pointed specifically to the Government unlocking further access for EV charging infrastructure. 

Mr Johnston said: “We don’t need funding, we don’t need regulation. 

“We just need the hurdles that are left, which is about opening up the land, we need that to be addressed.

“What does a brilliant future look like?  

“I think it’s where every town centre car park, every motorway services and every supermarket has a great charging hub with lots of high-power chargers.

“We’ve got the capital across the network, the technology is there now.  

“The one bit that’s missing is opening up the land and that is where the Government can help the most.”

As part of the collaboration the British Gas fleet will also have access to the 150 high power EV charging hubs Osprey will deliver by 2024 as part of a £75million investment programme to exceed drivers’ expectations for charger availability and speed. 


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