Hair experts share the colours mature women should 'avoid' or risk looking 'washed out'


Colouring your hair can take years off your face – or add them on – depending on the shades you choose. spoke exclusively to two experts, haircare brand director Joana Neves and salon director Inanch Emir, about the best anti-ageing hair dye secrets for mature ladies.

You may have been able to pull off platinum blonde or jet black when you were younger, but this might not be the case nowadays.

Joana stated: “I would only avoid going too dark or too light for your hair for your skin tone, as this can make you appear washed out.”

With age the face loses fat and becomes thinner. It’s not uncommon for the skin to become pale or even translucent.

Another way to avoid highlighting these signs of ageing is by adding a few different shades rather than one harsh colour.

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“Services like babylights are a great way to add a little pop of colour throughout their hair, as well as dimension, depth and shine for a super flattering finish that will make your complexion and facial features pop.”

Hitting your 50s, 60 or beyond does not mean you have to settle down with a super natural, everyday colour.

According to Joana, it’s totally fine – and she would even encourage – to “experiment” with colour.

“Going bright and bold or a beautiful pastel hue isn’t out of bounds for anyone and can instantly add a fun finish to your hair.”

DON’T MISS… also spoke to salon director Inanch about her top hair colour tips for mature ladies.

She advised older women to hop on a popular low-maintenance, light colour trend for instant anti-ageing.

She said: “Balayage is really young looking and also maintenance wise it’s easy.

“Some people call it ombré, some people call it balayage, some people call it a root stretch – where the roots are darker but the ends are lighter.”

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Like Joana, Inanch also advised against keeping the jet black hair you rocked so well when you were 18.

This is because the skin can take on a slightly yellow or grey tinge as we get older, and super dark hair will accentuate this.

“That’s why I like the look of balayage because you can still keep your darker roots because you like being dark.”

Another benefit of balayage is that you won’t have to spend all your time – and hard-earned cash – in the salon.

With clients who go for a full head of highlights in order to achieve that brighter, younger look, they might have to go to the salon every two months or so.

With a balayage however, this equally flattering colour job requires a lot less upkeep.

Inanch revealed: “We’ve got clients that we don’t see for six months because you never have that, ‘Oh my God, I have to get my roots done’.

“But then you add that softness of lighter colours to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.”

Joana Neves is the editorial director at haircare brand Alterna and Inanch Emir, salon and creative director at Inanch London.


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